****March 28, 2018*** Fresh from the Throne

The church must not be silent, nor must we be ignorant of Satan’s devices, says the Lord of Hosts, God says that many are walking blind, and ignorant of Satan’s devices.

It’s time to open your eyes!!

For if the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into a ditch.

I don’t desire my people to be BLIND, but they are choosing BLINDNESS, says the Lord, choosing to be ignorant, lacking knowledge and understanding, because they are refusing My word, rejecting My personal Apostles and Prophets, whom I have SENT in the Earth to establish My Order. Says the Lord,. My Apostles are My Special Sent Messengers and My Prophets point the way, some have greater authority then others, but I am the one who CHOOSES, who walk in MY authority, to restore and redeem, heal and establish order in my house and amongst MY PEOPLE. The higher they go, the Greater the Trial, but I am always with them, for My purpose. Yet many are rejecting My Truth and thereby staying BLIND! (Matthew 13: 11-16)


‘Hearing you will HEAR and shall NOT understand,
And SEEING you will SEE and NOT perceive;

15 For the HEARTS of this people have grown DULL.

Their ears are HARD of HEARING,

And their EYES they have CLOSED, Lest they should SEE with their eyes and HEAR with their EARS,

Lest they should UNDERSTAND with their HEARTS and TURN (REPENT) ,

So that I should[a] HEAL them.

16 But blessed are your eyes for they SEE, and YOUR EARS for THEY hear;

17 FOR ASSUREDLY, I SAY to YOU that MANY PROPHETS and RIGHTEOUS MEN desired to SEE what you SEE, and did NOT SEE it, and to HEAR what YOU hear, and did NOT HEAR IT. (Selah)

The Lord says,
Many are rejecting My Word and thereby staying IGNORANT. The kingdom of God is suffering violence at the hands of evil doers on the inside, says the Lord of Host. These evil doers have allowed the enemy to infiltrate their hearts, their minds and their souls due to the works of FLESH, (in this flesh lies no Good thing). The Father has been taking the Body through a process of pruning, and testing, in a effort to CRUCIFY THE FLESH, prune His Body, and also cut off branches that are not bearing fruit. (John 15:1-7)

The cutting off of branches that are not berating fruit will be intense, during this next season.

The crucification of the will of man, especially within His church, His Body, His Sheep.

He is leading His people as Co-heirs or Christ to follow and surrender to the WILL OF THE FATHER and CHOOSE who they will serve.

For God says,
REBELLION is, as the sin of witchcraft (I Samuel Chapter 15) and because of MANY in the Body, both leaders and pew members, who are trying to FORCE their own will and not God’s will, which is development. is ALIGNING MANY with Satan and not God, for Satan was the chief of rebels.

Surrender your will and your hearts BODY OF CHRIST, God says He will not compete with man!

As the book of Revelation reveals to us, God has already shown us His truth, THE FATHER,

For upon this Rock (meaning Christ, the SPIRIT of Truth) I will build My Church says the Lord, and the Gates of hell will not prevail against it!

HOT OR COLD. IN OR OUT, MY WILL OR YOURS. For just as the war in heaven was one against Satan and the angels that chose to follow Him, the WAR will be WON here in the kingdom of God in earth. Yet We must CHOOSE, who we will serve,

Rebellion (Satan) or Submission (Christ),
We choose!

Apostle Prophetess Kendell
“Let no Man take Your Crown”.